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Teachers' IB Unit Letters



Animals follow instinctive patterns to live and survive on the planet
October - December


Schools are learning communities that change over time
September - November


People express themselves through celebrations
All Year





Grade 1

Maps help people know where they are in the world
October 22 - December 3


Our communities have an impact on our lives
September 4 - October 9




Grade 2

Transportation systems are created in order to meet the needs of people
October 13 - November 16


Through small actions, everyone can make a difference and be a hero
September 3 - October 12




Grade 3

Living things are dependent on their natural habitat
December - January


The Earth is a resource we use every day
October - December





Grade 4

Human activity produces waste, which needs to be managed to protect the environment
October 22 - December 7


Healthy choices build our bodies and minds
September 3 - October 19




Grade 5

All people have rights and responsibilities as citizens of the world
October 29 - December 3


Artists express mood and feeling through their work
September 10 - October 19





Grade 6

Sharing one another's spiritual heritage better enables us to see our interconnectedness
November - December


Societies govern in many ways to create a decision-making structure
September - October