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Teachers' IB Unit Letters



Who we are
May - June


Who we are


Homes are influenced by many factors
February - March


Animals follow instinctive patterns to live and survive on the planet
October - December


Schools are learning communities that change over time
September - November


People express themselves through celebrations
All Year





Grade 1

How we organize ourselves
May 22 - June 21


Every living thing has a life cycle
April 8 - May 21


We use stories to share ideas, feelings and what is important to us
February 11 - March 29


The changing properties of water affect our daily lives
December 10 - February 4


Maps help people know where they are in the world
October 22 - December 3


Our communities have an impact on our lives
September 4 - October 9




Grade 2

Sharing the Planet
May - June


Where we are in place and time
April 8 - May 10


The earth's natural elements influence where people live
February 11 - March 22


People can express their feelings through different forms of art
December 17 - February 7


Transportation systems are created in order to meet the needs of people
October 13 - November 16


Through small actions, everyone can make a difference and be a hero
September 3 - October 12




Grade 3

How we Organize Ourselves
May - June


How we Express Ourselves
April - May


Present day societies share common features with aboriginal cultures


Effective leaders capture their target audience in order to accomplish their goals


Living things are dependent on their natural habitat
December - January


The Earth is a resource we use every day
October - December





Grade 4

How we Organize Ourselves
May 20 - June 21


How we Express Ourselves
April 8 - May 10


The universe is governed by laws which maintain order
February 20 - April 3


Exploration has influenced the migration of people and the development of societies
December 10 - February 1


Human activity produces waste, which needs to be managed to protect the environment
October 22 - December 7


Healthy choices build our bodies and minds
September 3 - October 19




Grade 5

Historical structures can chronicle the life of a community
May 15 - June 14


How we Organize Ourselves
April 2 - May 10


Biodiversity Supports Nature's Health and Balance
February 14 - March 29


Forces of nature can have an impact on all facets of life
December 7 - February 8


All people have rights and responsibilities as citizens of the world
October 29 - December 3


Artists express mood and feeling through their work
September 10 - October 19





Grade 6

How the World Works
April - May


Ideas can be expressed and understood through the combination of print and visual images
February 25 - April 8


Exhibition - Sharing the Planet


Sharing one another's spiritual heritage better enables us to see our interconnectedness
November - December


Societies govern in many ways to create a decision-making structure
September - October