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Teachers' IB Unit Letters



People express themselves through celebrations
December - January




Grade 1

Every living thing has a life cycle
February - March


The changing properties of water affect our daily lives
December - February


All Over the map!
October 15 - November 29



Grade 2

People can express their feelings through different forms of art
February - March


Children's toys and games change over time
December - January


Sharing the Planet



Grade 3

Money is used as a system of exchange in most parts of the world
December - January


Leading the Way
October 22 - November 29




Grade 4

The universe is governed by laws which maintain order
February - March


Advances in communications change how we express ourselves and connect with one another
December - January


Get the dirt on waste
October 23 - December 5



Grade 5

Forces of nature can have an impact on all facets of life
February - March


Artists express mood and feeling through their work which has an effect on the viewer
December - January


Rights and Responsibilities
October - November




Grade 6

The advances in scientific understanding and technology allow us to create robots that can interact the world around them
March - April


In spite of changing times, Aboriginals continue to share their culture through legends, music, art and dance
December - January


Decisions, decisions!
October 21 - November 29