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Mr. David Estok - Principal


Governing Board


What do we do?

We are a decision-making body within the school that assists in defining policy and procedures to meet the educational needs of all students and acts in the best interest of the students.

The Governing Board:

  • analyzes the school’s situation in terms of the school board’s strategic plan
  • adopts the educational project and oversees its implementation and periodic evaluation
  • approves the school’s success plan, rules of conduct and the safety measures
  • responds to LBPSB consultations (ex: Enrolment Criteria, Budget, Major School Change)
  • review and approve proposed field trips by staff as well as fundraisers by Home & School
  • review and allocates funds as proposed by staff and Home & School.

Governing Board meetings are public and we invite you at attend. If you have an issue, concern or question, please email us at  



Members 2019-2020

Parent Representatives
Staff Representatives
Rebecca Belmonte
Ciao! Hello! Bonjour! As a TESL teacher and second generation Italian, I love languages and that is one of the reasons I chose Clearpoint Elementary for my son. I love how the French and English languages live in harmony and that comes from the cooperation of everyone present. I would like to help and give back to the school in any way I can so I decided to become a member of the Governing Board. My son is starting Grade 1 and I would like to contribute to making the life of the students at school the best one possible. Have a great year!
  Sandra Fisher
Hi! My name is Sandra Fisher and I am thrilled to be a part of the Clearpoint staff! I love the IB philosophy and am excited to be teaching grade 3. Our students are natural inquirers and I can't wait to see them develop socially, emotionally and academically over the course of the year. I am definitely a "risk-taker" who takes a "balanced" approach to learning. I am "committed" to fostering my students’ "curiosity" while encouraging them to "collaborate". I believe in open and honest "communication" while helping our students bloom as we learn about and demonstrate the attributes of the learner profile! Here's to a wonderful year!
Dov Bensimon
Having a daughter at Clearpoint Elementary for the past several years, I have often attended meetings of the Governing Board as a member of the public. I am honoured to have been elected to an official role as secretary of the board this year. I look forward to being able to contribute to the school community in this role. As a meteorologist, I am always glad to try and help with planning of events by forecasting the weather as well.
  Tassie Fyon
I have been at Clearpoint for 7 years now, 5 of which have been as the Daycare Technician. I feel so lucky to work with great people and see all these wonderful children grow so quickly. This is my sixth year on the Governing Board and I look forward to being part of making this year a great year for the children.
Marie-Flore Gignac
My family has been part of the Clearpoint Elementary Community since 2014, when my daughter started Kindergarten. I now have my two children attending the school in grades 1 and 3 and every morning I see them leaving for Clearpoint with a smile on their faces: this makes me feel very grateful and privileged to be part of this wonderful community. I have been involved in the school in many different ways over the past few years and I now look forward to actively contributing to its ongoing success as a Governing Board member. Please feel free to speak with me and voice any concerns that you would like to see addressed by the Governing Board.
  Suzanne Larkin
I am the French Kindergarten teacher at Clearpoint Elementary. I have had the pleasure of teaching French Kindergarten in this building for the past 24 years. I have been a Governing Board member for over 13 years and look forward to being part of a great group of individuals looking out for the students in our school.
Stuart Kemp
I'm a proud Clearpoint parent having had my two children attend the school since Kindergarten. My son is in Grade Five and daughter in Grade Three, both of whom enjoy all the school has to offer. I look forward to my first year serving the Governing Board in order to support the terrific community, teachers, staff and students that make this great school what it is.
  Sabrina Lazier
My name is Sabrina Lazier and I am very excited to be a part of the Governing Board. I teach grade 4 English and this is my first year as a teacher! After completing two internships at Clearpoint in 2018, I fell in love with the community and feel so lucky to join the amazing staff this year. I look forward to sharing my ideas and input as a new member of the Governing Board! Here’s to a great year together.
Liz Lopez 
Chair & Parents’ Committee Alternate Representative

I have a daughter in second grade and will have my son in the class of kindergarten in 2020. I started to attend the Governing Board meetings two years ago, first - as a member of the public and alternate board member. I am proud of our school and feel great gratitude for all the hard work and dedication of the staff, teachers and Principal. We are here to help, do not hesitate to reach out!
  Bill Mang
I have been at Clearpoint since 2006 as the Physical Education Teacher and have sat on Governing Board for the same amount of time. I have been teaching since 1986 with the former Protestant School Board of Montreal to present time with Lester B. Pearson School Board. I have also worked at McGill University in the Athletics Department and a variety of Baseball Schools throughout the island of Montreal. I was also head Coach of the Men’s Volleyball teams, both at Dawson and Champlain Colleges and am an active member of Team Canada Masters volleyball team.
Marc Lucke
Parents’ Committee Representative
  Louise Sudia
Support Staff
This is my 10th year on Governing Board. I took two years off to let other staff members sit on the Board. My daughter graduated Clearpoint in 2011. This is my 14th year at Clearpoint and I try to be an active member in the school. In addition to G.B., it is my 5th year that I help run Girls In Motion at Clearpoint, second year helping with Clearpoint Caring Crew and will be my second year helping with Boyz R Us. I look forward to being a member of G.B. for 2019 - 2020.
Katherine Wiebe
Hello! My name is Katherine and I am a proud parent of two children at Clearpoint! This is my third term on Governing Board and I would encourage everyone to join our meetings. There is always something of interest being discussed from school activities to IB units; from Home & School to Daycare. Please feel free to contact me, or any parent rep, if you have any questions, concerns or comments.
  Miranda Tubbeh
This is my second year teaching at Clearpoint Elementary. I am the Grade 3 English teacher. Last year I joined GB at Clearpoint. I had previously served as a representative on GB at Sherwood Forest Elementary. I have taught at several elementary schools (Orchard, Christmas Park, Sherwood Forest and St Paul) with the Lester B. Pearson School Board, including 3 years in high school (Lindsay Place).
Community Representative
Garry Saunders
After nine years in the business world, I returned to school to become a teacher. Thirty-six years later, after a rewarding career in education, I retired from the post of Director of Schools for the Lester B. Pearson School Board in 2006. I look forward to continue serving yet another year as the Community Representative for the Governing Board of Clearpoint.
David Estok



Wayne Clifford - Commissioner 



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