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Mr. David Estok - Principal


2022-2023 Meeting Dates

September 29   (in person)
October 26   (in person)
November 23   (in person)
December 14   (Zoom)
January 18   (in person)
February 15   (Zoom)
March 22   (Zoom)
April 12   (in person)
May 17   (in person)
June 7   (Zoom)


Annual Reports



FAQ on the Annual General Assembly of Parents


Governing Board



Governing Board Members 2022-2023


Official Governing Board Members

Official Substitute Members

Alex Bardoux
Rebecca-Ann Belmonte
Dominique Bensadoun
Amanda Blackburn (Secretary)
Melanie Flores
Tassie Fyon
Sabrina Inglesi
Suzanne Larkin
Liz Lopez (Chair)
Marc Lucke
Bill Mang
Vaughn Peters
Susannah Riley
Dahlia Singh

Loretta Kao
Albert Laurin
Tatiana Mendez
Wendy Mendosa
Rean Sayegh Lawand
Daniel Trotto
Amy Wong

David Estok



Marilyne Boyer (Commissioner; non-voting)

Erika Gunn (Home & School Representative; non-voting)




What do we do?

We are a decision-making body within the school that assists in defining policy and procedures to meet the educational needs of all students and acts in the best interest of the students.

The Governing Board:

  • analyzes the school’s situation in terms of the school board’s strategic plan
  • adopts the educational project and oversees its implementation and periodic evaluation
  • approves the school’s success plan, rules of conduct and the safety measures
  • responds to LBPSB consultations (ex: Enrolment Criteria, Budget, Major School Change)
  • review and approve proposed field trips by staff as well as fundraisers by Home & School
  • review and allocates funds as proposed by staff and Home & School.


Governing Board meetings are public and we invite you to attend. If you have an issue, concern or question, please email us at  



Minutes 2022-2023

  Minutes Meeting Date
  April 12, 2023
  March 22, 2023




Documents of Parents' Annual General Assembly

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  Official Notice of Meeting of Parents' Annual General Assembly and Governing Board Elections
September 7, 2022 
  September 7, 2022 Agenda 


September 9, 2021 Minutes

September 16, 2020 Minutes

September 11, 2019 Minutes

September 5, 2018 Minutes

September 13, 2017 Minutes