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Home & School

What is Home & School:
Home and School is a group of parent volunteers who work with the teaching staff and our school principal to enrich the overall experience of our kid(s) in their learning environment.


When we meet:
The 4th Wednesday of every month.

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What goes on at Home and School:
We have a full calendar of activities planned for the school year that we as parents get to be involved in! Our primary objective is to help raise funds, support our teachers and help to support fun and interesting activities for our kids!

Want an idea of what Home and School had their hands in last year?

  • We organized the Halloween dance.
  • We run pizza lunch every month (forms are available here).
  • We organize the Holiday Fair, local vendors had an opportunity to sell their amazing wares; we had a visit from Santa, a clause café, spa treatments and a room just for kids!
  • We contributed to a week of Jungle Sport – kids and parents got to climb, zip and have a ball together.
  • We put together a roster of dynamic and interesting lunch activities for the kids like breakdancing, yoga, study skills and babysitting certification.
  • We showed our teaching and support staff just how much we appreciate them by coordinating a week of surprises, lunches and fun.
  • We organized the family BBQ where we all came together and had a great time as one big Clearpoint family.

These activities are just a few of the ways that we get to be involved.


How parents can participate:
Please come to a meeting and let us know that you want to be part of Home and School. Parents are welcome at any point during the school year!

You do not have to have an abundance of time on your hands to come and be a valuable part of our team! If you can only do a little or you can do a lot we are happy to have you.

Please sign up for our newsletter! We will be featuring exciting events that will be taking place at the school, fundraising initiatives and we will even be taking submissions form the kids to share with everyone. The newsletter will showcase how our efforts are making difference at the school and how you can get involved. 

Contact home & School:


How we fundraise:
Fundraising is an important element of Home and School and we try to come up with creative ways to fulfill this important task. A lot of the Home and School activities are really ways for us to raise funds, like dances, BBQ’s, lunch activities and FundScrip.

FundScrip is a unique way for you to help support your kid(s) and the school doing what you do on a regular basis …. Shopping!

Using FundScrip you can purchase gift cards for the stores that you would be shopping at anyway (like the grocery store, gas station and chapters to name a few) a % of your gift card purchase goes directly back to Clearpoint Home and School to help us raise funds.  There is an impressive list of stores and you can pay by cash, cheque or credit.

Please click here for more information on FundScrip.


Helping Hands:
Helping Hands is a separate initiative that Home and School raises funds for. Although we are located in a nice community with beautiful homes by the water we have Clearpoint families that face challenges from time to time.

Helping Hands is a separate fund that Home and School supports directly.  When our families are facing difficult times we can help in a variety of ways, maybe someone needs a winter coat or is in need of glasses or could use a few grocery gift cards, Helping Hands is there.  These initiatives uses funds raised by Clearpoint Families for Clearpoint Families, by supporting the dedicated Helping Hands fundraisers that we do throughout the year you are making a difference.


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