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Notices to Parents

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Flowchart of COVID-19 Instructions
dated May 13, 2022
Official Notice of Meeting of Parents' Annual General Assembly and Governing Board Elections
September 7, 2022
 Parents' Annual General Assembly Agenda
September 7, 2022
Parents' Annual General Assembly Draft Minutes
September 9 , 2021
Letter to Parents/Guardians: K4 & K5 Balloon Parade; Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Night/Parents' Annual General Assembly & Governing Board Elections
dated August 31, 2022
Welcome Letter to Parents
dated August 26, 2022
LBPSB Letter to Parents/Guardians - Transportation Update
dated August 26, 2022
School Start Parent Information and Instructions
LBPSB Letter to Parents/Guardians - Masking Update
dated May 11, 2022
My Favourite Book Form
Algorithm for managing confirmed cases, symptomatic people and their household contacts
March 16, 2022
COVID Rapid Test Kit Instructions
COVID-19 Information Sheet

COVID-19 screening by rapid tests at school in the event that symptoms appear during the day
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Technology Lending Form


Tool for the Family: Testing and preventive isolation for a young child identified as a contact of a confirmed COVID-19 Case


Don't forget about mental health


Back to School and COVID-19 - Symptoms Checklist


Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Letter to Parents


GAFE Information


GAFE Permission Form


Declaration concerning a Judicial Record


All There is to Know about Head Lice


Request and Authorization for the Distribution of Medication at School


Online Payment for Lunch and/or Daycare Fees