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Maria Pan - Principal

Educational Program

Clearpoint School offers students the opportunity to achieve academically and develop socially in a bilingual setting. Our committed staff take students on a journey of learning to read, write, think logically, problem solve and to respect one another. Clearpoint students leave our school as responsible and capable individuals ready for their next level of learning.

Our goal is to provide each student with the tools necessary to be a life-long learner in a changing world and workplace. As a bilingual school, our goal is to have each student leave the school with a good working knowledge of both official languages.

The subjects taught in English are:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Ethics and Religious Culture
  • Dance
  • Computer

The subjects taught in French are:

  • Français
  • Social Studies
  • Science and Technology
  • Fine Art
  • Music


Music Program

Our music specialist teaches music theory, ORFF instruments, recorder and singing.  Music is part of our assemblies, class activities, multicultural celebrations and concerts.


Physical Education Program

We provide a wide variety of intramural and inter-school sports programs. Our students participate in a variety of fitness and social awareness activities. Students are required to wear appropriate gym wear and shoes during physical education classes.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular activities are organized by our physical education teachers as well as the Home and School Association.  A wide range of activities are offered at lunch and after school.


Peaceful Schools International

We are a proud member of Peaceful Schools International. Our mission is to create a safe and caring environment for our students to learn, to promote peaceful conflict resolution and to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

We currently have Peace Pals, Grade 5 and 6 students who circulate during recess to promote a climate of camaraderie and caring.