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Mr. David Estok - Principal


Clearpoint Staff 2018-2019

Clearpoint Elementary teachers focus on enabling the optimum development of students according to age, ability and aptitude. Our teachers know that by listening to and working with colleagues, parents and community members that they can inspire students and improve their learning.


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Kindergarten / Cycle 1 

  Français English

K01 / K02

Suzanne Larkin

Carly Cuttler

K03 / 103

Joanne Barette

Vanessa Motter

101 / 102

Rania Aghaby

Janine Von Bauer

101 / 102

Jennifer Pinard

Melissa Catalogna

203 / 204

Alexandra Haverstock

Dahlia Singh


Cycle 2 / 3

  Français English

301 / 302

Frances La Porta

Sandra Fisher

401 / 402

Suzanne Ujvari

Miranda Tubbeh

501 / 502

Sabine Carrié

Jordana Sessenwein

503 / 403

Kelly Scheldeman

Cathy Sheppard (403) &
David Dufresne (503)

601 / 602

Suzanne Robinson

Francesca Lucadamo


Specialists & Support Staff

Physical Education

Bill Mang

Jennifer Yates


Liana Goldsmith


James Brasseur

Resource Coordinator

Kathleen Mount Pleasant

Resource & Numeracy

Daphne Rebeiro

IB Coordinator

Sue Larivière

Integration Aides

L. Clement
D. Graham
J. Marshall
J. Medina
A. Nicholson
V. Peters
L. Rooney
L. Sudia
A. Todasco
R. Van Hell


H. Daye

Autism Consultant

D. Etyemezian

Special Needs Consultant

C. Gross

Occupational Therapist

V. Stuhec


P. Kafka

Speech Therapist

R. Bircher


W. Andrews




Mr. David Estok

Administration Assistant

Ms. Angelika Witzmann

Daycare Coordinator

Ms. Tassie Fyon


B. Ruscitto

M. Makowski